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UkEngine Class Reference

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struct  WordInfo

Public Member Functions

int appendConsonnant (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int appendVowel (UkKeyEvent &ev)
bool atWordBeginning ()
void pass (int keyCode)
int process (unsigned int keyCode, int &backs, unsigned char *outBuf, int &outSize, UkOutputType &outType)
int processAppend (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processBackspace (int &backs, unsigned char *outBuf, int &outSize, UkOutputType &outType)
int processDd (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processEscChar (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processHook (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processMapChar (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processRoof (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processTelexW (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processTone (UkKeyEvent &ev)
void reset ()
int restoreKeyStrokes (int &backs, unsigned char *outBuf, int &outSize, UkOutputType &outType)
void setCheckKbCaseFunc (CheckKeyboardCaseCb pFunc)
void setCtrlInfo (UkSharedMem *p)
void setSingleMode ()

Protected Member Functions

int checkEscapeVIQR (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int getSeqSteps (int first, int last)
int getTonePosition (VowelSeq vs, bool terminated)
bool lastWordHasVnMark ()
bool lastWordIsNonVn ()
int macroMatch (UkKeyEvent &ev)
void markChange (int pos)
void prepareBuffer ()
int processHookWithUO (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processNoSpellCheck (UkKeyEvent &ev)
int processWordEnd (UkKeyEvent &ev)
void resetKeyBuf ()
void synchKeyStrokeBuffer ()
int writeOutput (unsigned char *outBuf, int &outSize)

Protected Attributes

int m_backs
WordInfo m_buffer [MAX_UK_ENGINE]
int m_bufSize
int m_changePos
int m_current
int m_keyBufSize
CheckKeyboardCaseCb m_keyCheckFunc
int m_keyCurrent
bool m_keyRestored
bool m_keyRestoring
KeyBufEntry m_keyStrokes [MAX_UK_ENGINE]
bool m_outputWritten
UkOutputType m_outType
unsigned char * m_pOutBuf
int * m_pOutSize
bool m_reverted
int m_singleMode
bool m_toEscape

Static Protected Attributes

static bool m_classInit = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file ukengine.h.

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